Scranton Single Tax Office Departments

The Scranton Single Tax Office main number is 570-963-6756.

For questions pertaining to any of the following departments, please dial the main number followed by the appropriate extension.

New Account Registration: Ext. 3104

Payment Information and Assistance: Ext. 3107,  3113

Claims: Ext. 3112

Right to Know Law and Right to Know Requests: Ext. 3119

Real Estate Tax: Ext. 3113

Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ): Ext. 3103

Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zones (KOEZ): Ext. 3102

Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax: Ext. 3119

Local Service Tax (LST): Ext. 3112

Local Service Tax (LST) Refunds: Ext. 3112

Earned Income Tax Refunds: Ext. 3116

Earned Income Tax Balance Due: Ext. 3112

Business Wage Tax: Ext. 3112