Real Estate Tax

The Scranton Single Tax Office will only collect the current year property taxes for Lackawanna County and Scranton School District and City of Scranton and  Refuse Fee

2023  Millage rates are as follows:

County Tax .0601
Educational Tax .001
Library Tax .002820
City Land Tax .24431142
City Improvement Tax .05157528
School Tax .1478486

Methods to Pay Your Real Estate Taxes

• If you are paying by check, you can utilize the Dropbox for the Single Tax Office located in the vestibule of the Lackawanna County Government Center, 123 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton. The Dropbox will be accessible Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

• Taxpayers who utilize the drop box or mail their tax payments should include a stamped self-addressed envelope to receive a receipt or include an email address on the payment coupon for an emailed receipt.

• Payments can also be made online with additional fees. Payment by an E-Check has a $1.50 fee; Visa Signature Debit (online) is $3.95; Visa Credit/Debit, Discover, and MasterCard Credit/Debit will add an additional fee of $1.50 for transactions of $50 and less and 2.49% for transactions of $50.01+; and the American Express fee will be 3.5% plus $1.50.

Refuse Fee Information

• The City of Scranton and Scranton School District Real Estate Taxes cannot be paid without payment of the Refuse Fee.

• City and School District taxes, along with the Refuse Fee, can be paid quarterly using the coupons at the bottom of the bill. Quarterly payments do not include County taxes. No other partial payments will be accepted.

• If you believe you are entitled to an exoneration of any portion of the Refuse Fee due to vacancy, contact the Scranton Treasury Bureau to apply for an exoneration. All refund requests will be processed in December 2023 or January 2024.

• Applications can be found on the City of Scranton’s website at For additional information contact the Treasurer’s Office at (570) 348-4107.

Real estate taxes for the City of Scranton and Scranton School District and Refuse fee can be paid in four installments. Coupons are provided at the bottom of your real estate bill. When paying installments, City of Scranton and Scranton School District deadlines are: First payment due by last working day of March; Second payment due by last working day of June; Third payment due by last working day of August; Fourth payment due by last working day of October.

Installments are not accepted for the Lackawanna County portion of your property tax bill. The Lackawanna County portion must be paid in full.